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Hardee County's computer repair professional.

I'm here for all your computer needs. I make house calls, or if you prefer, you can bring the computer to me.  Do you just need something installed?  Do you need something uninstalled?  Has your computer just plain stalled?  Hardware or software.  Perhaps you just want someone to sit down and explain something to you.

Just give me a call or send me an email so I can help.

I can recover lost data, so don't lose hope!

                                  Pricing is as follows:

1st hour - $50 unless you live outside of Hardee County, then it is $75.
Every hour after that is $25.  Virus removal is generally just the 1st hour fee, unless there is a hardware need or the computer needs to be reloaded after virus removal.  Parts are extra and will be discussed as needed.  The above fees are labor charges. 

I also offer training on use of the computer for $25 an hour (or 5 hours for $100).  I will work to teach you how to use the computer and/or any programs you wish to learn.

I am now offering VHS tape to DVD transfer.  There is a minimum fee of $5 per VHS to be transferred, with each copy of the VHS to DVD costing $2 (so 10 copies of the same transferred VHS would be $25).  Each individual VHS to DVD copy would be $7.  This can be time intensive, as it takes the length of the VHS tape to burn the DVD, so this service could take a couple of days.

Phone and email support is no additional cost.
If I have to bring your computer home with me, I just continue the time on as if I were still working on it at your house.

Please do not hesitate to call me, as I will work with you on a payment plan if needed.  My goal is to get your computer up and running so that you can use it.

Should you have the same problem after I have fixed it, this will not incur the 1st hour charge, as it will be an ongoing problem.  Any new problem will incur the 1st hour charge.

Parts are extra if I have to purchase them for you.

I accept Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders and Cashier's Checks.

Any questions, please feel free to email or call me.


Gugle's Computer Services


Bowling Green, Fl 33834

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